Boarding and Leasing Options 

Horses who live at Glengreen Farms, which is where the Mane Equestrian Center is located, live in a massive pasture with access to grass and water at all times. The stalls range in size and can fit small ponies to large horses. Fresh water is always available, night or day. Specific boarder's instructions will be closely adhered to. 
Boarding Environment
Leasing The Schooling Horses


Our horses are available for either 1/4 lease or 1/2 lease. The price for 1/4 lease, which would equal to one day per week with the horse you choose, is $300 per month. A 1/2 lease, which equals two days per week, is $450 per month. Because these horses are also ridden in the lesson program, they cannot be leased by more than three people at a time. Leases on these horses are not available for more than two days per week per rider to avoid overworking the horses.​

Boarding Your Horse
Our boarding options include both rough and full board. Rough board is when everything is provided by you, the owner of the horse(s). The price for this is $350 per month. Rough boarders must come every day to take care of their horse. Full board includes everything for a horse to be happy and healthy. In addition to the necessaries, special instructions will be closely followed. Full board is $950 per month. *We are not currently offering stalls for boarding horses.