Horse Training

Sarah Ostar is an experienced horse trainer with a "build up, not break down" mindset. We believe in positive reinforcement and encouraging the horse, not punishment for things they do not understand. If your horse needs to be trained, either from saddle-breaking to minor tune-ups, Sarah will help you achieve your goals. Her positive mindset is what makes her training so effective: the horses love it! Being taught in an environment where they have reasonable expectations put upon them, rather than too much all at once, always knowing that it is okay to make a mistake. If they are not comfortable with an exercise, our trainer will slowly work up to it, rewarding the horse for any and every step closer he/she takes. Our trainer can teach your horse dressage, jumping, how to carry a rider and respond to the slightest cues from the seat and leg, natural collection, and any other goals or disciplines you and your four-legged-friend want to achieve. Sarah will conveniently come to your horse's location to train. If you love your horse, and want what makes them happiest, and confident, choose training with the Mane Companies. Please don't hesitate to contact Sarah with any questions!  

Photos coming soon!