Dexter is often referred to as the "love bug" of the barn -- as well he should be. He is an Arabian-Quarter Horse mix. He is great for beginner riders (and advanced) because he absolutely loves to work! He is one of our main jumpers, and can easily pop a 3 foot high jump! He is very soft in the mouth, as well as nicely responsive to a rider's leg and seat aids. Dexter is 15.2hh, and with his huge personality and dashing looks, he is definitely a favorite among students. He is definitely a super star!


Penny is an adorable American Quarter Horse. Penny is an excellent horse for beginner riders as well as advanced because she is very patient and easy going. She has a very calm disposition and is always happy to be ridden. She is very responsive to slight signals by the rider. Penny is a barn favorite, and with her cute face and lovely personality, it's no wonder! This pony has been owned and loved by Sarah for over twelve years, and she is fourteen years old and 14.2hh. 


Stella, like Penny, is an American Quarter Horse. Stella came to us with minimal muscle and is now quite the opposite! She is very easy going and agreeable, and loved by everyone at the barn. She is very mellow and is an excellent trail horse, as well as a great ride in the ring. Stella can be ridden Western, English, bareback, bitless: she is happy with everything. This lovely mare is fifteen years old and 15hh. 

Stella is no longer with us but we cherish the years we had with her. Rest in peace Stella.


Whisper is an Irish Gypsy Vanner-Clydesdale horse. She has a wonderful and playful personality and is very patient despite her young age. We are incredibly proud of this mare because she came to us anxious and unsure of herself, and she is now proud, confident, and fearless. She is loved by all at the barn. She is very big, measured at 16.3hh. 


Lucy is an absolutely gorgeous, off the track thoroughbred mare. She's got a typical thoroughbred personality - she's energetic, spirited, eager, and extremely intelligent. She is very athletic and incredibly talented in any area of riding or horsemanship one could possibly think of. She sails over jumps with a look on her face of pure joy, and she concentrates and uses her brain during dressage - she loves it all! She loves to please and always tries her very best to understand what her rider is asking. She has beautiful movements and is very big, measuring at 16.2hh.