Horse Transportation

Even if you do not take lessons with us, or board your horse at our stable, we offer safe and experienced trailer service for anybody needing to transport their horse from Point "A" to Point "B". The price for horse transportation will depend on how far you need to travel, and how many horses need to be trailered. There is a maximum amount of two horses per trip.  


Pricing for horse transportation in detail:

  • $50 minimum

  • $20 loading fee, for the first 30 minutes of loading. $35 for each additional 30 minutes of loading.

  • $5 per loaded mile

  • $15 drop fee

Starting at the Equestrian Center (235 Lincoln Rd, Walpole MA):

  • First 15 miles unloaded are free

  • Special rates for: 

        - long hauls (150+ miles)

        - Mane Equestrian Center destination horses

  • Overnight stays and extra stops have additional costs